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How can I correct these displacement, velocity and acceleration plots?

Question asked by Kristian Thompson on Nov 19, 2017
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Hi everybody!


I am currently working on a university assignment that involves doing a motion analysis on a Whitworth quick return mechanism that is used in a shaping machine, I have done mathematical analysis in order to obtain plots of the reciprocating rams displacement, velocity and acceleration, now I am looking to verify these results with a SolidWorks motion analysis study.


I have created the simplified model pictured below and set up a motion analysis study in order to drive the system at a constant velocity of 10 deg/s and plot the displacment, velocity and acceleration of the ram.


When setting contact between the driving parts I set friction to zero because I am wanting to create a "perfect world" simulation where not external forces apply and no deformation takes place etc. That way it can be compared directly to my mathematical analysis


However, the problem I am having is when I come to plot the graphs they all seem to be affected by "noise", please see the picture below:



I have attached a zipped folder of all my files and the assembly file I've been working in, I'm really stuck for ideas on how to remove the noise from the graphs as I dont know whats causing it, if anyone knows how I can sort these graphs out I would REALLY appreciate it.


Thanks a lot,


Kristian Thompson