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    Are these sheetmetal bends possible?

    Jacob Murray

      Can someone tell me if this bend is possible to do with conventional sheemetal bending machines? I am worried it will foul when making the other bends. The front vent is approximately 40mm high.


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          Dennis Bacon

          Jacob,, The shop will bend the that tab prior to bending the final bend shown in my illustration. I am presuming they will use a press brake (not a bender. They will use "segmented" tooling if necessary to avoid any bends on the far side. Fit inside. The bottom die (in this case) will be at least as long as your bend, but could be longer. You should be careful to leave enough material between the bend (tab) and the vent pattern. Usually this is at least 3x the material thickness from the center of the bend (tab) and the edge of cut. The tool I show in my pic is not necessarily the type of punch and die the shop will use, but similar. The only one I could quickly find in my arsenal.