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Solidworks 2017 wont start anymore

Question asked by Alexander Kibbe on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by Alexander Kibbe

Solidworks Used to run just fine on this computer.  recently it has been taking longer and longer to start, not to open a file, just to start the program.


Than just today it no longer starts at all.  It will hang on the initial opening pop up.  I've seen it get as for as 'initializing solidworks forum' but no farther even after hours of waiting.  I've also seen it hang on 'initialing VBA engine' for almost and hour and even 'loading registry' takes as long as 30 minutes.  during these hangs the task manager shows that it is using CPU time, though the ram usage is static.


I have attempted to reset the solidworks registry settings and to repair the installation though this has had no affect on the program's ability to start.  The computer is definitely powerful enough to run it and I do have administrator rights on this machine.


No other program on this machine has shown these symptoms, seems to be fully limited to solidworks.


PC: Windows 10 64-bit, Core i7-5824K 6-core, 32gb DDR4 ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX980.