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Symmetric speed up and speed down of rotation produces asymmetric power consumption results

Question asked by Nick Sutteell on Nov 17, 2017

I have a ring that rotates about an axis (See .gif image). The motion profile is symmetric (same acceleration and deceleration). It simply accelerates to 360 deg/s and then decelerate back to 0 deg/s over the same time period. Screenshot1 shows power consumption results that make sense. However, after adjusting some sketches as well as the mates, the results have changed slightly. Note that the mates that were changed produce the same exact motion and degrees of freedom (I was just simplifying the model tree). Screenshot2 shows the power consumption for the acceleration is less than the power consumption for the deceleration when they should be the same as in Screenshot1. Not sure what I did to make this happen, but it's kind of annoying that now the power consumption for the acceleration and deceleration differ by over 150W. Note also that the torque profile and velocity profile are the same for both cases. So why is the power consumption different?