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Trying to render VR and Render fails SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018

Question asked by Scott Ellery on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2017 by Scott Ellery

I am trying to render out a sizable (usually between 6K and 8K resolution) Virtual Reality scene from SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 and I have tried using the Queue and also the offline renderer as well and every time I send it through it initializes the render and then fails.


I have tried between GPU and CPU rendering with no luck


I am assuming this has something to do with the VR render or the image size being rendered but I have rendered large images before without issue. just wondering if anyone has seen a similar issue.


Ive also Attached Log files in case Ron Bates , Bastian Krueckberg or Brian Hillner want to take a look