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    New MBD presentation for SWW2018

    Casey Gorman

      My abstract for a Model Based Definition has been accept for SWW18. As I have done the last 2 years, I am reaching out to those  interested in the subject for input. This years presentation won't really involve the use of the MBD addin, but is more of an information/discussion session.


      Points I am considering are:

      • History of MBD or what drove us to this point
      • Why would it be used
        • Type of parts
        • Low or high volume parts?
        • Simple or complicated?
      • What can it be used for? Some say just CNC machining
      • Will drawings be disappearing? Or is this all hype?
      • Where in the product life can it be utilized?
      • Issues on the shop floor... are drawings the only answer here?
      • What about my suppliers?
      • I use drawings to check with... how do I check if I don't have them? Or if they have limited dimensions?


      Please help me by giving me the topics you most want to learn about. Even if you want be attending SWW18 in LA your question will be useful to others. Also in the past the presentations have been recorded for replay.


      Thank you for your input and I look forward to presenting at SWW2018.



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          Christian Chu


          It'd be nice if you discuss how MBD files can be handle with PDM (pro and std)  in term of revision changed?

          I never used MBD but the company is interested of adding it to the SW package and the boss concerned of how to keep up the revision change between the MBD file and its associated SW file

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              Casey Gorman


              How PDM handles the file is the same without regard to which one you are using. You are simply checking a file in or out.


              What does change is the file (in most cases) that is the CONTROLLED file. Many users and companies control the drawing files or a PDF files and in some cases careless about the MODEL file. With MBD your control file is the MODEL with the MBD information (annotations, notes, material, what ever is needed to make it complete). Any other file is considered a derivative of the MODEL. Derivatives should carry the same revision as the MODEL.


              There can be may derived files. A STEP 242 is a good example, PDF's created from the MODEL is another. This should all show the MODEL revisions to be consistent.


              I hope this helps. It will be a part of my presentation.


              Thank you for the input.


              @Christian Chu

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                Casey Gorman

                @Christian Chu

                I am not sure I was clear in my previous post, but the MBD file is the SOLIDWORKS file. Any other files are derived or associated files. What I do is overwrite those derived or associated files as we don't vault them. The could be, but they shouldn't be the controlled files.


                I hope this helps