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Performance issues SW 2008

Question asked by Eyal Siryon on Jan 26, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2009 by Gary Garrison
Hi All.
We have just recently upgraded our entire company to sw2008 sp5.0.
We are experincing very weird issues.
1. on some of the computers solidworks freezes untill we kill it after opening certain parts. (on other computers those parts works fine)
2. after selecting an assembly/drawing to be opened the computer stops to think for couple of seconds and only then starts to load the file asked for.
3. while opening a drawing and RMB on a model it takes a couple of second for the menu to appear. the same for giving dimensions.

we several computer configurations (I will give details soon) but I can not point to a specific configuration that is the cause for the problems.

our configruations are as follows:
Intel Q35ME Mother board with E8400 cpu.
4GB of ram (at least)
Quadro FX 1700
Windows XP 64 bit
SolidWorks 2008 64 Bit SP5.0

GigaByte M59SLI with AMD 3800+ CPU
4 GB of ram
Geforce 8600
Windows XP 64 bit \ Windows XP
SolidWorks 2008 64\32 SP5.0

We are using PDMWorks Workgroup.

We Have tried unloading any process possible and nothing helped.
we have tried several vga drivers and also nothing helped.

We are using Norton anti virus (that can not be replaced)

Any Ideas???

Eyal Siryon.
SolidWorks Project manager
Cad IT Department