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    Selection Window "Box"

    Eric Wicklund

      If i am in a sketch i am able to click and drag to show the green and blue boxes, but if i am in a feature such as "combine" for combining bodies or if i am doing an exploded view and i want to window select multiple parts, i do not get a preview of the selection box.


      Is this a setting i can change, or is this a feature that was removed?


      I am using SOLIDWORKS 2017 x64 SP 4.1


      Thank you!

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          Dan Pihlaja

          I am using SW 2015 and I am seeing something similar.  It is interesting that, in a sketch, both the box selection and the lasso selection show the green and blue like you said, but (for example) when I am in a combine, the lasso selection works correctly, but not the box selection.

          See the attached video.  Notice that the box selection when I am in combine does not show as expected, but Lasso does.

          I am going to report this to my VAR so she can look at it.  Maybe you should do the same.

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              Dan Pihlaja

              Reported to her and she came back with this:


              Sounds like it might be the case, although it doesn't explain why Lasso Selection and Box Selection look different.


              I have verified that the green color (cross selection) of lasso selection does NOT select bodies that intersect it during the Combine command.  So it is misleading at the least.