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EPDM creating duplicate serial numbers

Question asked by Jakobus Kruger on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2019 by Mart Müllerbeck

Issue I have seen now about 5 times is that one user would create a part and EPDM issue SN, then for another user it will issue the same number and does not register that number has already been allocated.


For example: below 2 results can be seen for number: 61443


The first was created by user A. I checked with user A, he did a "save as" to new assembly. He did not manually rename the file.

Then 30min later I used "copy tree" on a completely different project/folder and I was issued with the same S/N. Problem is I do not notice this until I change state from private state to WIP, at which point it is too late. (I used copy tree to import files into EPDM done by a subcontractor).

Not sure if this is a known issue when using copy tree?

We use SW 2015, SP 5.0