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Changing Subcomponents configuration causes SolidWorks window to freeze, Bug?

Question asked by Alexander Schaaf on Nov 16, 2017

Hello all,


when I faced the problem, that you cannot change the configuration of sub level assemblies components with


I have created an iterator function, that always ensures to use assemblies as new root while traversing:

    Protected Iterator Function TraverseComponents(__Component2 As Component2) As IEnumerable(Of Component2)
        Dim swChildComponents As Object() = DirectCast(__Component2.GetChildren, Object())
        Trace.WriteLine("TraverseComponents: " & __Component2.GetPathName & " <" & __Component2.ReferencedConfiguration & ">")

        For Each swChildComponent As Component2 In swChildComponents

            Trace.WriteLine("swChildComponent.GetPathName returns: <" & swChildComponent.GetPathName & ">")

            Select Case System.IO.Path.GetExtension(swChildComponent.GetPathName)

                Case ".SLDASM"
                    Trace.WriteLine("     GetExtension Returns: " & System.IO.Path.GetExtension(swChildComponent.GetPathName))
                    Dim swAssemblyDoc As ModelDoc2 = swChildComponent.IGetModelDoc
                    If swAssemblyDoc IsNot Nothing Then
                        Dim __swConfiguration As Configuration = swAssemblyDoc.IGetConfigurationByName(swChildComponent.ReferencedConfiguration)
                        Dim __swRootComponent As Component2 = __swConfiguration.GetRootComponent3(True)

                        If __swRootComponent.IsRoot Then
                            For Each __Component In TraverseComponents(__swRootComponent)
                                Yield __Component
                        End If
                    End If

            End Select

            Trace.WriteLine("TraverseComponents Yield: " & swChildComponent.GetPathName & " <" & swChildComponent.ReferencedConfiguration & ">")
            Yield swChildComponent

    End Function


While the Function itself is working like a charm, it has one downside when changing configurations of components, the solidworks window freezes. I am not able to click anything. I need to make the SolidWorks window inactive and reactivate it, then I can continue work. In code I found a very dirty solution:

                    Dim procs As Process() = Process.GetProcessesByName("explorer")
                    For Each proc As Process In procs
                        'switch to process by name

                    Dim iSWFrame As Frame = CType(SwApp.Frame, Frame)
                    Dim frmSldWorksHandle As IntPtr = IntPtr.op_Explicit(iSWFrame.GetHWnd)

I Hope everyone is with me when I say, I don't want to use this code in Production environment. Can anyone reproduce this problem or maybe even has a solution?


Thanks in Advance