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    Issue with SW Document Manager when I add custom property to cut list

    Tomasz Puchniarz

      Hi everyone,

      I have some problem when i try add custom property to cut list by docmgr.

      when i add custom property i cant see it by SW, only by docmgr.

      i try example from here http://help.solidworks.com/2018/english/api/swdocmgrapi/HelpViewerDS.aspx?version=2018&prod=api&lang=english&path=swdocmgrapi%2fget%2c_add%2c_change%2c_and_delete_cut-list_custom_properties_example_csharp.htm&verRedirect=1

      and its the same issue, i cant see custom property in SW.

      When i add Custom Prop (text type) by SW, i can see it by docmgr, but property type is unknown.

      Is it kind of bug in document manager ?

      I use SW 2018 Prof., I tested it on SW 2017 and its the same.