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I want to make a bunch of features disappear

Question asked by Kevin Hansen on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by Kevin Hansen

New SW user here...


I have some planes and axes in a part that I want to hide, and some others that I want to show. And then, at some point, I'll want to switch, and hide the ones I could see and show the ones that were hidden.


These axes are almost coincident, but not quite, so to make sure I select the correct axis, I turn half of them off. There are several of these planes and axes that go together. I don't want to have to click each one individually to turn it off or on. I want to do just a couple of clicks.


I looked at display states, but I seems you can only have one display state on at a time. This means if I wanted both groups hidden, I'd have to create a third state. And of course while I was using any of them, everything else would appear in its default state.


Which reminds me, how do I turn off all planes and axes at once?