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How to get the assembly overall dimensions and how to get the area of an assembly intersection with a plane

Question asked by Traian Captain D. on Nov 15, 2017

Hello, everybody!


I am Traian, nice to meet you! I am currently using Solidworks 2016 and I have some questions regarding assemblies. I hope you can help me!


1. I have an assembly and I Insert a Reference Plane. I would like to know which of the assembly faces parallel to the reference plane is the furthest from it (i.e. maximum dimension in the direction orthogonal to the reference plane).

2. I have an assembly with many components (e.g. 200) and I Insert a Reference Plane. The reference plane intersects some of the assembly bodies. I would like to know the total area of the surfaces defined by the intersection between the reference plane and the assembly bodies.


Thank you very much!