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    Intersection curve only works with 2 out of 3 surfaces?

    Bjorn Sorenson

      Please see the attached model.  I can use the Intersection Curve command to create a circle of intersection between the Surface-Revolve2 and Surface-Revolve3 features, but it will not work between either of them and the Surface-Revolve4 feature.  What did I do wrong?



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          Dennis Bacon

          Very interesting Bjorn.. I can't figure out why that doesn't work.. I did find that if I do a Move/Copy Bodies and move it a ridiculously small amount it does work.. Or in the case of my screenshot I offset the surface of Revolve4 .000001" then did a Delete/Keep Body of revolve4 that works.. Tried a few other things on this but was unsuccessful.

          Edit:... I notice that Surface-Revolved4 is not a true sphere.. If I use the measure tool on it I can't pull a radius from it but can with the others. Perhaps because the center of the arc is not coincident the the midpoint of the centerline it is revolved around. Looks like you got the endpoint of one of your lines from sketch1