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PCB Connector: Geometry of all components missing when pulling PCB through the Connector

Question asked by Piotr Adamowski on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by Karishma DCOSTA

Hi guys,


I'm evaluating the SolidWorks PCB Connector for data exchange between Altium and SolidWorks and I wonder why the whole geometry is being missed when pulling the PCB through the Connector. The board itself is being translated and shown properly, the components appear correctly in the feature tree, but you cannot see them. When opening a component you see an empty feature tree, no geometry.

We found out, that using standard (as provided after installation) file templates solves this problem. So, there has to be a problem with our templates.

We use SWX 2017 SP2 and are not willing to upgrade in the next two years. All of our templates were made from the 2017th original / standard templates, of course with a lot of customization afterwards.

So, does anyone know what the exact problem might be (file properties, drafting standard, unit system...)? Our VAR says that in SWX2018 this issue has been solved, which is unsatisfactory in our situation.


By the way: Why you cannot set the defaut template separately for the PCB Connector components as it is already possible with the CircuitWorks add-in?


Thanks a lot!