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Engineering student needing advices on modelling a real world object

Question asked by Gencosman Sahin on Nov 15, 2017
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Hello all, im currently studying engineering and trying my best to get better with solidworks. I have an object that i want to model in solidworks, so i can model a shell that will be used to strengthen its skeleton against falling, bumping and so on.  I already have an idea for how my shell should look like, my main problem is modelling the object itself. You can see the object in the picture with white background. In the picture with the headset, you can see that it has curvature along its body.


The best idea i could come up with is to sketch its body using spline tool on a 2D plane from a top down view and then convert the corners of the spline to offsetted planes and finally link those corners on different(but parallel) planes using spline tool in 3D sketch. So far, i couldnt get a close match using this method cos i dont have any dimensions or angles on those curvatures.


Do you have any advices for me on how to model this? Or maybe advices on how to measure its dimensions properly.


Thanks in advance.




track_clip_pro.jpg mega_trackir.jpg