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DXF export macro not mapping bend line layers correctly

Question asked by Seth Bonney on Nov 15, 2017

I'm in the process of automating DXF creation at a sheet metal fabrication company. I found this macro ( on the forums to be the closest one to suiting my needs, which is to export a DXF of the flat pattern of each sheet metal part in a top level assembly and create a PDF of the associated part drawing.


After adding a command in the macro to include the bend center lines in the export, since this macro didn't, it's ALMOST doing exactly what I need. Only problem is that the bend lines come through as the default white 0 layer even after setting up the DXF mapping to the desired colors and layers. When I manually export a sheet metal DXF (by right clicking Flat-Pattern--->Export to DXF / DWG) the DXF produced is exactly what I want the macro to do. Makes me think that I need to add another command along with the bend line output command to the macro. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! (Picture of layer mapping settings, DXF created using macro on simple part, and the DXF created manually on same simple part shown below)


I will then add a script to run in AutoCAD to convert the IV_Bend_Down to only be 0.060" at either end of each down bend and the IV_Bend at either end at 1" long but that's a task for another day. Any help would be greatly appreciated!









Layer Mapping Settings

DXF created using macro

DXF created manually