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Convert drawings to Catia

Question asked by Evelyn Down on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by David Nelson

2017 SW Windows 7


All models and drawings have been done in SW.

Vendor wants drawings with a specific title block, new part numbers, and in catia drawings. (I have SW2017 and Catia v5 on the same machine)

I don't speak Catia, and my macro writing skills are lacking.
Help in any of these areas is appreciated.


  1. I've created a new title block in SW that meets their needs. Currently, I'm manually swapping it out in each drawing. I believe a macro can be written for the Task Scheduler to do this for me, but I've had no luck this far.
  2. Years ago, I used Pack & Go to rename assembly files and their children. For whatever reason, it takes an eternity to load now. I close SW after a half an hour+ of waiting for the menu to load. (Windows Task Manager often shows no activity during this wait.) On the rare occasion a menu loads, choosing to include drawings has never worked. I've let it run over night a few times, to no avail.
    Any ideas on why P&G takes so long? Or another way to rename files in mass without losing references?
  3. I can save SW drawings as dxf or dwg and open them in Catia. The sheet size doesn't carry over and the drawing dimensions import, but aren't correct anymore. I think the units are converting somewhere.
    dxf opened in Catia
    dxf opened in SW
    If I open the newly created dxf or dwg in SW, the dimensions are wrong in a different way
    This is where I struggle the most. I can do the other two tasks longhand, but converting existing SW drawings to Catia is my goal.