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Control Drawing Views with Design Table

Question asked by David Anderson on Jan 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2009 by David Anderson
Hi All,

Does anyone know of a way to control the drawing view properties configuration from a design table?

Reason I ask is I have a part file has 15 configurations to of essentially the same shape but with different features that negates the use of dimension table.

What i have done is created a drawing of config 1, then copied that drawing 14 times, renamed it and then i have to walk thru each drawing view of each drawing ans make sure the confiuration is correct for that drawing.

this is proces tediuos and prone to errors and i was thinking that a good way to control these drawings and views aould be with a desgin table.

i fear that there SW does not havethis ability built in.

thanks in advance,