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Move only attached parts

Question asked by Lukas Lang on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by Doug Seibel

Hi everyone,


I have built an assembly with several movable parts. If I move a part, SW only moves what is necessary to fulfill the constraints. What I would like to happen is that when moving a part, everything that is attached to that part will stay grouped to the moving one, while the rest should stay fixed. I have looked at the "Temporary Fix/Group" option, which achieves a similar effect, but I would like it to happen every time I move something. Can this be done in SW?


I have attached a file to demonstrate what I mean: If the middle part is moved, the top one stays in place. What I need to happen is that the top part stays in place relative to the middle one.


Also, I want to be able to move the top part in such a way that the middle and bottom part stay fixed.


  • Move middle part -> Top part stays fixed to middle part
  • Move top part -> Only top part moves, other two stay fixed


[Edit 2]

I have attached a second assembly (to avoid any confusion: All the parts are virtual, so the assembly is self contained) to demonstrate my problem.

  • Note how moving the black part (the one that is not fixed) does not move anything else
  • Now move the single rod at the top. The middle black part seems to stick to it

Is there any way I can reverse this effect? (i.e. rod sticks to black part, but black part not to rod) The reverse effect is obviously achievable.

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