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Chamfer edge lost when linear pattern count changed

Question asked by Richard K. on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by Richard K.

I have a part made up of repeating segments.  After I create the first segment, I use a linear pattern to stack a bunch of them end-to-end.  Finally, I add some features like chamfers and fillets to the outermost ends.


The number of segments is controlled by a global variable.  Unfortunately when I change the variable, the chamfers and fillets break because their associated edges are lost.


Any advice on how to solve this?  e.g. Is there any way I can attach the chamfers / fillets to sketch entities instead of the ephemeral edges?


I know I could totally rejig my design to pattern from the "inside out" "outside in", but that would be a lot of work at this point.  Plus sometimes I need an odd number of segments.

Also thought about using the linear pattern for just the internal segments then creating a "cap" segment separately (e.g. via mirror or copy/move), but that seems like duplication.  (Also note the features I add to the end segments are not symmetrical).  Final option I considered is not using the built-in chamfer/fillet feature at all and manually recreating them from sketches and extrudes/revolves/etc.


Before I go down this road I thought I'd check if there's a better option.