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issue trying to get irregular curve thin extruded then converted to sheet metal for flat pattern

Question asked by Dave Krum on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by Dave Krum

Good morning all,

I always seem to have issues when trying to convert an irregular curve into sheet metal.  Please see the attached file and the below snip.  Its just a basic rectangle with a few bumps on the brake.  I will give a template to the shop guy but would like to get a nice flat pattern on a sketch that he can use for reference.  Its basically a parabolic curve sketch.  I tried using sheet metal boss / base flange but that won't work.  I can get the curve to a thin feature extrude but then can't convert to sheet metal.  Any suggestions? I also tried "insert bends" with no luck. Must be something trivial I'm overlooking. Thanks in advance.

convert to sheet metal try:

and when picking one of the bend lines: