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Foundation Bolt for Random Vibration

Question asked by Swme Eng on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by Swme Eng

I've been messing around with connectors and foundation bolts in static simulation, and was wondering if there was another way to do something similar in random vibration? I know that obviously connectors aren't supported in linear dynamic, but I was wondering if you could just create "landing pads" for the bolt based on the pressure cone of the bolt (seen on page 19 here: ). In doing so, you would end up creating a split face on the bottom of the part and fixing there (diameter is determined using 30deg pressure angle), then creating a similar split face on top and applying clamping force there. While this seems to help solve the issue of artificial stiffness when fixing an entire bottom face of a part, it doesn't constrain motion into the "virtual wall" plane. Just curious if anyone had explored this topic more, and what others do to more accurately simulate a part that is bolted down to a much more rigid baseplate.