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    What went wrong

    Wehlee Arolf

      Hi Guys/Gals,


      I am new to Solidworks and did watch few video tutorial and tried it on an assembly that I am working. But, it seems there is something wrong with what I did. Can anyone direct me to the right path. I wanted to attach the video avi but it is very big. How to attach it here.


      Basically, what happens in the video. While the Test Probe Base Plate assembly move forward, the PCB board and mini slider also move downward. Which it should only move down when it reach 4 secs. Not sure want went wrong or did wrong.


      Thank you and appreciate any feedback




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          Bill Toft

          When doing an animation, I suggest you use the existing Mate dimensions to control part positions.

          At time 0 you have all the mates as set up in the assembly.

          To have a part move at say 4 seconds, I would Copy the time 0 mate and paste at time 4.

          Then move the timeline to when the motion stops (say 10 sec) and paste the same Time 0 mate. Now EDIT that mate and enter the desired new dimension.

          Now you will see the part stays still for 4 seconds, then starts moving.

          The motion horizontal bar will only appear from 4 sec to 10 sec.


          The way you have it set up the motion happens from time 0 to time 14.


          Note that doing mates for an animation requires a bit more work than for a static assembly. For example, instead of Coincident mates you need to use Distance = 0 for parts that start touching but will be moving later.

          I will set up a new configuration ("Animation") and suppress those existing coincident mates and add new distance mates.