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Trouble with .txt BOM export

Question asked by Andrea Camesasca on Nov 13, 2017

hello everyone,

I have a problem exporting a BOM table in .txt file:

I have a "part number" column and in this column for a specific component I set in configuration manager a user specified name that is :


Where 1005060 is the part code, then I need a "." and a dimension that I want to see in BOM table.

In BOM table it works correctly, with a problem, it Leaves a blank space between the "."  and the dimension:

1005060. 1658

That blank space is annoying for me because it cause me trouble importing the BOM in our management software, but the main trouble is that when I export the table as .xls file the result is 1005060. 1658, but exporting as .txt file the result is 1005060. "D1@Estrusione-Estrusione2@1005060.SLDPRT".

I could accept the blank space but our management software requires a txt file so I can't import it with this result.

Any idea about how can I get rid of it?

Thanks everyone