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Macro to export probe frequency data from linear dynamic random vibe simulation

Question asked by SWME1 Eng1 on Nov 12, 2017

Howdy forum,


A regular activity when looking at random vibe test results is to save the displacement PSD of various sensors in all 3 axes (typically out to .CSV).  Typical implementation (by hand) is to:

    1. Create displacement plot
    2. select show PSD value
    3. select Max over all steps
    4. Probe (plot) the frequency response of a couple of sensors
    5. Save to .CSV
    6. Repeat for Y and Z displacement axes


Is there a way to programmatically:

  • Change a displacement plot's displacement component (X, Y, Z URES)?
  • Get and save sensor frequency probe data externally?


The initial goal would be to manually perform steps 1-3 a single time, then run this macro to save off the data for all 3 displacement components automatically.


I quickly looked here for getting the sensor value, but didn't see where I could specify I want the associated frequency data:

2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Get and Set Sensor Example (VBA)