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    Hi, Toolbox problme..I'm using Solidworks 2017 Student Edition(SP)

    Young Ho Shin

      Hi, I'm currently using student edition and have some trouble with an initial configuration of Toolbox.


      First off, do I have a permission to the Toolbox function, as a student license user?


      Also, I have reached up to the point where Toolbox is installed and it says I need an initial configuration for it. In Toolbox setting, all I can click is "1. Hole Wizzard" and I am not able to click other buttons (2. customize your hardware, etc).


      How am I supposed to do now? Can anybody tell me what to do?


      Thank you.




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          Cody Salyer

          Student licenses should include the toolbox functionality, is this on a school machine or your own personal computer?

          First lets locate your toolbox files, these are typically installed in a directory on your C:/ drive. Typically C:/toolboxdata if there's multiple they'll be numbered. Open the folder you should see a folder structure similar to the one below.

          Next open the browser folder, you should see something similar to below.

          Does yours look the same?

          If it doesn't that's the problem and i can help you fix that.

          If it does look correct we should try repairing your installation of solidworks, to do this launch your control panel navigate to programs and features ( where you uninstall a program ) right click on solidworks and select change. The installation manager will launch, from here select repair installation. Finish the repair and test again, if this doesn't resolve the issue we'll look at next steps.