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Spline-on-Surface and Converted/Offset Entities gripes

Question asked by 1-GDXXBU on Jan 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2009 by Matt McKendrick
Why is the on edge relation removed when a converted entity is trimmed? If it is possible to have multiple sections of converted entities on one edge chained end to end, (even if in multiple sketches) then the relation should not be removed when trimmed. Furthermore, when I drag the endpoints to create multiple sections, it adds relations to the endpoint, fully defining it. I'm sorry, but if an entity lies on another entity, then the endpoint is already coincident AND UNDERDEFINED. Since when is a point that is already constrained to lie on an edge fully defined when that relation is duplicated? It makes no sense whatsoever!

Why are offset splines able to be trimmed sometimes, and other times I get the error that offset splines cannot be trimmed"? Clearly they can, so what gives?

Why does making one endpoint tangent to another curve (but not end-to-end) over-define my sketch OR move the point to an undesired location and then fully define the point? If all it contains is a tangent and a coincident relation, I sould be able to move the point along the entity it is coincedent and tangent to, but I can't.

And, since these are all graphics related...Why is SW still offering 169.xx series drivers when nvidia is on 181.xx? The vistax64 driver for a QFX5600 offered on the SW driver section suffered from banding, choppy rotation, and zooming with the mouse wheel was so slow I found it unusable, even if running a windows classic theme.

And why-oh-why are surface splines so impossible to control? If I can project a curve onto a surface, I should be able to draw a similar spline on the surface, but this is not possible. It is always overdefining, creating invalid geometry, blowing points WAY outside (like 100 meters away on a .25 meter part) the graphics area, or simply not responding whatsoever to my input, but undo will undo the null response... Also, I have noticed that moving CV's on a surface spline does not alter the point's tangency handle, it only moves the point. This is inconsistient with how splines are treated elsewhere in SW, and further cripples the use of this tool. If anyone can tell me how they have used surface splines with any effect, I'm all ears. Otherwise, I'm calling a spade a spade. Offer a tool that works or fix it.

One more thing...How do I measure the length of a spline? If this isn't possible, it should be. The return of the curvature curve would be appreciated as well, while you're in there .

My last comment would be that it is Friday and Y'all have a good weekend!