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    problems creating view

    Gabriel Labrecque

      I have a problem creating vault view in PDM standard for some users. it is ok for some and others cannot acces to file server.  No way to access to file server. If I ping the server it is recognized. when I open solidworks, the vault is installed. the image below shows an installation that works. when it does not works I have a prompt to login to vault but no user can log even the Admin.

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          Martin Solem

          When you are prompted to log in at this stage, it is the authentication towards the server where the archive server is installed you need to use. By default, local users and local administrators (domain administrators are often members here) on that server are allowed to connect. Unless these settings were modified during or after installation, one of these users should work. In the example my server is APP1 and domain is mydomain:


          Either local admin:

          User:         Administrator

          Pw:            Password01

          Domain:    APP1


          Or domain admin:

          User:          Administrator

          Pw:             Password01

          Domain:     mydomain


          At least that's what has ultimately worked for me. Normally i will add the domain users group to the archive server, so connecting will be a walk in the park.



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            Gabriel Labrecque

            Thanks for the answer,


            I finally solve the problem the way you just evoque. It is the Vault master password that has to be given once. Then it works fine.


            Best regards


            Gabriel Labrecque