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Display Global Variable Value in Custom Property

Question asked by Rebecca Bemrose-Fetter on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by Rebecca Bemrose-Fetter

I modeled a chain. I'm not using the Chain/Belt Feature because I'm using DriveWorks to change the size & position of the chain based on user inputs.


I have a custom property DESCRIPTION that is used in the assembly BOM and needs to say something like: #50 PITCH X LENGTH


I want to display the length as a rounded value, so I created a Global Variable that takes the path length dimension (which is a reference dimension) and rounds it.


When I try to display this value in a custom property, it only works if there is no other text in the Value / Text Expression field. So the Evaluated Value is fine in the property LENGTH, but it doesn't work in the property DESCRIPTION. What's odd is the text that shows up in the Evaluated Value doesn't include the other text in the expression. See below.


What am I missing or doing wrong? I am using SolidWorks 2015.