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Mass Replace Part In Assemblies

Question asked by Stephen Reed on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by Stephen Reed

Ok, fellow SolidWorks & EPDM users; here's my problem.  We have a part that appears in 108 assemblies (and their drawings).


I need to replace that part with a new part with a new part number (it also has it's own detail part drawing). There doesn't seem to be a clean and easy way to do this that I am aware of. I'm thinking about this:

  1. Archive the part I want to be replaced.
  2. Save the new part as the old part number.
  3. Rename the new part that now has the old part number as the new, correct part number.


It seems this would work but I'm afraid I'm missing something. So, I'm reaching out to you EPDM experts for your opinion. Please set me straight if I'm wrong.





We are using: SW2015/EPDM2015 with Windows 7 64 bit