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When I open a new blank part, I get STL graphics already opened. Please Help.

Question asked by Satoshi Shinju on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2017 by Satoshi Shinju

Respected People of the Solidworks Community, Hello. This is my first post.
The problem is that when I open a New Blank Part, its not blank. Instead it has the image of an .stl file i worked on recently. the same thing happens in assembly too.

The only option i have is to delete the two STL Graphics from the feature manager and then work. But the real problem arise when I import a geometry, it has these two STL Graphics attached to it which I'm unable to delete. I also tried reinstalling the software but the same thing happens because, some files of the software remains in the system even after I delete it.

Please, Please Help. Ive attached the screenshot.

Thanks in advance.