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Visualize 2018 Animation Rendering does't create MP4

Question asked by Toft Bill on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Ron Bates

The strange thing is that this worked OK two days go but not now. (2018 Professional SP0.1)


I wanted a quick animation for my client, so I saved it using Preview mode. It is really fast! Saves a 42 second animation (1260 frames) in 10 minutes.

It saves the frames in a temporary sub-folder. Then it creates the MP4.Then it deletes the sub-folder.

But today, it did NOT create the MP4. However it DID delete the sub-folder.


I have attached a video showing the problem. I have my file folder superimposed on the Visualize screen.

The upper right corner of Visualize shows the frame Number being rendered. I just dd 2 seconds (60 frames) to demonstrate the problem.

At 0:43 it says "Encoding Movie" (it is creating the MP4).

At 0:45 it is finished. It just deleted the sub-folder.

But where is the MP4?

Again, two days ago I would be seeing an MP4 in this folder!


My work-around was to un-select the "create movie" option. This kept the sub-folder intact! I then used QuickTime Pro to combine the frames into a MOV file.

Not as convenient but it got the job done.