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    Visualize 2018 Animation Rendering does't create MP4

    Bill Toft

      The strange thing is that this worked OK two days go but not now. (2018 Professional SP0.1)


      I wanted a quick animation for my client, so I saved it using Preview mode. It is really fast! Saves a 42 second animation (1260 frames) in 10 minutes.

      It saves the frames in a temporary sub-folder. Then it creates the MP4.Then it deletes the sub-folder.

      But today, it did NOT create the MP4. However it DID delete the sub-folder.


      I have attached a video showing the problem. I have my file folder superimposed on the Visualize screen.

      The upper right corner of Visualize shows the frame Number being rendered. I just dd 2 seconds (60 frames) to demonstrate the problem.

      At 0:43 it says "Encoding Movie" (it is creating the MP4).

      At 0:45 it is finished. It just deleted the sub-folder.

      But where is the MP4?

      Again, two days ago I would be seeing an MP4 in this folder!


      My work-around was to un-select the "create movie" option. This kept the sub-folder intact! I then used QuickTime Pro to combine the frames into a MOV file.

      Not as convenient but it got the job done.