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Tell me about formats and drawing templates

Discussion created by Kevin Hansen on Nov 8, 2017
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So I'm watching these videos on drawing formats. I'm struggling to learn from them. I'm picking up details, which is good, but I usually have to watch the video twice, to figure out how those details go together. And then I watch a different video, which shows different details, and with a different... slant to the info. So I'm starting to get it, but not completely. And I'm tired of wading through all these videos.


And they kinda talk like you understand it all, and they're just giving you a reminder of how to do it. But I don't understand it in the first place. After a while I noticed that sometimes they said format, and sometimes they said template. I noticed this when I was watching the file name suffixes. But I wasn't able to tell the difference. What's that all about? How are they used?


What else can you tell me that you think I'll need to know?