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Model Items - Select in Tree

Question asked by John Wayman on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by John Wayman

In a perfect world, I would make a drawing of a part then select Model Items from the first feature, followed by the second feature, etc. to populate the drawing with dimensions.


I was just wondering, being one of those people who like to use Model Items in drawings, is there a way to select Features from the Feature Tree, rather than from the graphics area?


Selecting a Feature in the tree is easy and reliable, whilst selecting it in the graphics area is at best a bit hit and miss.


Clearly, I would then need to hide some dimensions and create others, as usual, but I think the ability to work my way down the Feature Tree would make the workflow easier.


So, I just need someone to tell me the magic option to enable this behaviour...

I suspect I know the answer, but it does no harm to ask.


SW2016, SP5

Windows 10 Pro