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Properties in datacard temporarily disapear when part is checked out

Question asked by Elisabeth Daley on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by Elisabeth Daley

Has anybody seen something like this?  We have a user with an assembly in PDM.  The datacard is filled out (the '@' tab, we don't use configuration-specific properties).  He opens the assembly in Solidworks, and from the PDM add-in pane, clicks 'Show Properties' to view the datacard.  The information is filled out.  Then he checks out the file, clicks 'show properties' again, and the datacard fields are now blank.  If you look at the datacard in Windows Explorer, the info is still there.  When the file is checked back in, the information appears again, even when opened from the add-in. It doesn't happen on all files, just a few assemblies so far.  I can't find anything that seems related in the knowledge base or forum.