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Sheet format - link to file name

Question asked by Victor Fagerlund on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by Daniel Egebjerg



I'm currently making some new sheet formats and I need a little help to understand this:


My old sheet format would show the file name of the part as soon as it was inserted.

But my old sheet format would also change the name as soon it was saved.



If I inserted a part named 'Hello' the name of the part would show on the drawing as 'Hello'.

But as soon as I saved the drawing as 'World' the name on the drawing would change to 'World' and 'Hello' would disappear.


I still have the old sheet formats, and the code that did this was: $PRPSHEET:"filnavn"$PRP:"SW-File Name(File Name)".


Where did the 'filnavn' came from and what value does it contain?

It replaces the part name on the drawing with the name I save the drawing as.

I'm just curious to know how this syntax works.