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Before I invest a lot of time and effort, is this feasible? (Toolbox/PDM question)

Question asked by Jim Pazen on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by Jim Pazen

We are finally upgrading to SW2017, going straight to SP5, if it's fully released on our schedule.

We are loading the toolbox -- prior IT management was afraid of it for some reason.

We use PDM Pro, which is also getting upgraded.

We are also rolling out a new part numbering system (My users love me.).


From prior experience, I know that SW assigns a seemingly arbitrary part number to toolbox parts. Should I bother with attempting to make SW/PDM conform with the new numbering system for toolbox components? Should I try to develop (or pay someone to develop) a macro that will make this easier? Can I make this work through the data cards?


This is my first position as SW/PDM Admin, I'm scheduled for training but won't have had enough before these are going to happen (We're having our VAR consult on the upgrades, so I shouldn't get in too far over my head.)


So, should I should, or should I shouldn't  try to get the toolbox items into the new numbering system?


I'd be thankful for your opinions. And, I already know that I'm ugly, so save your keystrokes...