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    Request for a Fluid Flow Simulation on Mixing Spool Design

    Jonathan Aguilar

      Good PM,


      Please allow me to request for your expertise in Flow Simulation using Solidworks.


      We have this 12"Ø x 4200mm Mixing Spool design I want to know the expected flow paths of the fluid from inlet to outlet of the spool.


      We consider the following parameters:


      Fluid: Geothermal Brine (Saturated around 2-5% Steam)

      Design Pressure: 457 psig

      Design Temperature: 222 ºC


      Operating Pressure:175 psig

      Operating Temperature: 184 ºC

      Viscosity: 0.140 Cp

      Density: 875 kg/m3


      Attached is a CAD File of the design.


      Hope someone could help me get a representation or preview of the flow paths for this design.


      Thank you.