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Request for a Fluid Flow Simulation on Mixing Spool Design

Question asked by Jonathan Aguilar on Nov 8, 2017

Good PM,


Please allow me to request for your expertise in Flow Simulation using Solidworks.


We have this 12"Ø x 4200mm Mixing Spool design I want to know the expected flow paths of the fluid from inlet to outlet of the spool.


We consider the following parameters:


Fluid: Geothermal Brine (Saturated around 2-5% Steam)

Design Pressure: 457 psig

Design Temperature: 222 ºC


Operating Pressure:175 psig

Operating Temperature: 184 ºC

Viscosity: 0.140 Cp

Density: 875 kg/m3


Attached is a CAD File of the design.


Hope someone could help me get a representation or preview of the flow paths for this design.


Thank you.