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Enhancement: Mirror Mates when Mirroring Components

Question asked by Paul Belliveau on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by Nick Birkett-Smith

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During the Mirror Components command: Apply mirrored mates one at a time to the newly-mirrored group, with a preview, and give the user the option to flip a mate's orientation, delete mates one at a time, if necessary.

The reason to have this functionality is to save time when creating an opposite-hand version of an assembly.  This is a good option to start with for the improvement of the Mirror Components command.  It would work similar to Replace Component/Mates, but should give the user more options, such as: moving the mate to an opposite part; flipping pattern directions, etc.  One-at-a-time would be a nice place to start.  The designer needs to see how a long string of mates will be oriented.  The trick is to mirror components while actively regarding their origin planes and mate entities to best determine the designer's intent.  It would be much quicker to keep existing mates when mirroring an assembly.  SWx always offers to adjust mates when parts end up backwards or reversed, why not improve that mate adjustment functionality to mirror mates in an assembly instead of just dumping them.  The software needs to be smart enough to figure out, from the mirror orientation choices, the best guess way to flip them and then go from there.  So this would eventually give the software the ability to suggest the smartest or most likely orientation.  So, when is SWx going to add smart A.I. thinking into the program and make it start to learn a little? This is 2017, by the way. ("Thank you, Jarvis, but rotate the last three components in the right-hand assembly string about the X axis instead of the Y axis.")