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Multi-Body Weldment Part or Assembly....??

Question asked by Damien Petty on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by Jim Steinmeyer

I really prefer to use multi-body parts for weldments and sheetmetal work. (Of which, I do ALOT).

This functionality was demonstrated to me at the Weldments Module of the Foundations Training I undertook some time back and I have continued to do it that way ever since.

I have since collaborated with a few other designers/SW Users (from different disciplines) who've actually taken it upon themselves to break up Multi-Body parts into separate single files, (even while the collaborative process is still ongoing..?!)

I have previously queried this and usually hear, "That's just how it's done" or "We always do it that way" or worse, no response at all.. But so far, no-one has been able to offer up a suitable answer as to "why" it should be done this way.

I do not know if there actually is a "Right way or Wrong way" to do this. Certainly no-one has been able to convince me not to use multi-body components. Or to break them up that way. There is evidently something I am simply not understanding here.


     It is quite likely well past time I asked some Professionals...


So, my question is: Why?

Why would someone take a well constucted, very stable multi-body part file, parametrically driven by a master sketch, with all the Cut-list info it contains, and break it all up into individual parts of an assembly.? Thereby leaving no sketch to manipulate it and all parametrics for easy alteration being lost along with all sheetmetal and cutlist info.

Which then needs to be re-assembled inside an assembly by fiddly mates.?!?! ...