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    Upgrading to 2017 sp4.1 took 8 gigabytes

    robert dattilo


             I upgraded to 2017 sp4.1 from 3, & it seems to have eaten up another 6 gig on my c: drive. I probably loaded more stuff then I needed but I'm wondering is there a way or what might be the best way to turn back the clock on this. I was already in the red on my c: drive memory capacity.


      Thanks in advance for any input;

      Rob_D SW 2017 sp4.1

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          Dennis Dohogne

          Years ago the service packs wanted to know what SP you were on and then you only got the files needed to go from say SP2.0 to SP4.1.  Now, the upgrades don't need to know what you are coming from as all the necessary files for the new SP are downloaded.


          Since you have a space issue your best bet is to delete the older SP files.  If you absolutely do not want to delete these files then perhaps you could move the older SP files to a cloud storage such as Google Drive.