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SolidWorks CAM mill stock only

Question asked by Dustin Perreault on Nov 7, 2017
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I know it is a bit premature to be asking questions about SolidWorks Cam already, however, I am hoping this is an easy one to answer.


I was wondering if there is an option that I am overlooking that takes into account what has already been milled. For example, if I roughed a pocked with a 3/4" end mill and then cleaned up the remaining stock with an 1/8" end mill, I wouldn't want the 1/8" end mill to try and remove material that the 3/4" has already milled.


I have made a sample part to illustrate what I am talking about. I haven't seen many questions on SolidWorks CAM so if this is not an appropriate question (or an appropriate location for the question) I can just delete the post.


NEI 1.png

Roughed away material with larger end mill^


Roughing with smaller end mill (Redundant tool path)^