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Edge Ripples in Boundary Surfaces

Question asked by Luke Mastrangelo on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by X. Liu

Hey y'all,


I have a specific question and was wondering if anyone else has encountered and learned a repeatable solve for this issue:


I would say 90% of my SW model building revolves around setting up and creating smooth surfacing (and then battling the heartburn). Sometimes when I create a Boundary Surface (with either Tangent or Curvature edge conditions ON) I get these odd ripples, always near the seam of the surfaces. I've attached an image that I've cropped for confidentiality reasons, hopefully this is illustrative enough.  These ripples appear in the final model despite being small scale, and despite my best efforts of adding guide curves to aid the profile in smoothly flowing, the ripples will appear elsewhere in the surface.


So far my only fix in some cases has been to resort to Rhino 5, where I cut away and patch the holes smoothly then take the model back to solidworks (which is a horrible workflow)  Currently running SW 2017. 


Overall this begs a bigger question which I've wondered since I've started using the software, which is why bother adding a "curvature continuous" checkbox in the Feature if it's essentially (visually) not curvature continuous?


- Luke