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    Paul Labelle



      Is anyone aware of a way to convert polylines into regions or boundaries? I have polylines of different widths and lengths, but I need to convert these to perimeter regions or boundaries.





          Michael Lord

          Editpolyline> select a line entity.  Then> (J) Join

          Select the required line entities for the required perimeter


          You may need to Explode the original polyline to start

              Paul Labelle

              Thanks, I guess I need to be clearer in my question. I have a polyline that is .01 thick, and .10 long. I need to convert it to a boundary (rectangular) that is .01 wide x .10 long, and then fill the area. Is there any way to do this? as there are many polylines that need to be converted in this manner.

              Kevin Chandler



              To start with a PLINE with a WIDTH of 0.01 that has an overall LENGTH of 0.10 and convert to the RECTANGLE that then gets a SOLID FILL, I believe requires coding for these reasons:

              1. Although a RECTANGLE is a PLINE, it is four PLINES with zero width, so they're technically not the same entity for a "direct swap"
              2. The four new PLINES (as a RECTANGLE) would have to be selected for the fill (or a point within them)
              3. The PLINE starts (& ends) at the middle of the width of the PLINE end while the RECTANGLE is from one corner to the opposite corner
                1. So a 0.01 wide X 0.10 long vertical PLINE at 0,0 (and goes to 0,0.1) would be a RECTANGLE from -0.005,0 to 0.005,.01 (and then filled)
              4. You don't specify where/how all of the PLINES are located and oriented (XY only? or XYZ?) and since you can't select them and change them from the Properties panel, you'll need to filter out and visit each one, extract it's start and end coordinates, from which you do the trig for the RECTANGLE'S corners, delete the PLINE, create a new RECTANGLE and then fill.
                1. Plus match the layer, color, etc. properties of the PLINE so the RECTANGLE is a correct replacement


              Although it seems a simple request, it's not a simple task.




              Kevin C.


              EDIT: BTW, EXPLODE on a PLINE just converts it to a zero width) LINE entity at the same endpoints.