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Get file variable values from PDM to Excel using VBA

Question asked by Martin Solem on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by David Watkins

Hi all,

I have an Excel file containing a list of file names and I want to create an Excel macro that will loop through all file names and send variable values to cells in Excel.

I have never been a programmer, so even VBA is on the advanced side, but i have some sample macro codes to help me. Problem is they are all based on one thing; the folder path is already known, as a static value, or part of the Excel data. Since i have only file names (i assume unique file names in vault), i can't seem to find a valid folder object. I know there are more than a few programming savvy members here, so i'm reaching out...


I have something like this:


     Dim oFile As EdmLib.IEdmFile7

     Dim oFolder As EdmLib.IEdmFolder6

     Set oVault = New EdmLib.EdmVault5

     Dim sFileName as String


I can log in fine, and i can read my Excel Sheet

     sFilename = Range("B" & i).Value


But then my struggle begin, how do i set oFile and oFolder objects using the information i have in sFileName?


Thank you in advance.