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Individual step file export

Question asked by Pete Lilley on Nov 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by Pete Lilley

I have a single large assembly with hundreds of parts inside it.  I need all the individual parts exported as individual step files, (not packaged inside an assembly), using the assembly file coordinate system.  The only way I can do this now is to save the solidworks assembly file as a step, open it, and then open each file and save-as a .step file, then close that file and return to the assembly to do the same with the next one.  I've tried several macros that I have found in this forum but none work.  The most recent one is supposed to do what I need but it just saves one big step file of the assembly.  I'm using 2017 version of solidworks.  Is there a solidworks tool to do this or is there a macro somewhere that can work?