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Power Surfacing > Alignment > Snap to Plane - how to make it work...?

Question asked by Daniel Cane on Nov 4, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2017 by Daniel Cane

Hi I hope someone who's familiar with Power Surfacing might be able to help please...

Am trying to use the Snap to Plane tool under alignment, and nothing seems to happen...




I've tried selecting just the points, and just the lines, and both.

Have tried with 0% curvature on the edge, and 100% curvature on the edge as pictured here.

Have tried it with the existing planes, and have tried it with a plane I've created as reference geometry.

It seems like a really useful tool to work on plane to eventually mirror about the plane.

In fact I can see the origin planes and reference geometry planes, but I can't select them under any circumstances whilst in Power Surfacing editing.

NB: The video I saw this demonstrated in has an 'Action Required' window specifying 'Click on a plane' - in my version 3 of Power Surfacing I don't have this 'Action Required window so I can't tell if I've satisfied the criteria for selecting.



Would be really glad of anyone's thoughts please...

Many thanks!