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Iterate Thermal Study in Design based on Global Variable?

Question asked by Steven Delorenzo on Nov 4, 2017

I am trying to make a design study of an assembly that I have already setup a Static Study & Transient Thermal Study on. I would like for this Design Study to find the minimum mass of the object, with a factor of safety of at least 1.5, by changing the thickness of the material defined by a global variable. The Static Study finds this FOS based on the Thermal Loads from the Thermal Study, and a few other loads. The design study currently vary's the thickness in the static study perfectly, however it only uses the thermal loads for whatever the global variable "T" was originally set at (.2"). So the Design study will have the Static Study calculate the FOS for a thickness of 0.125", 0.15", 0.175" & 0.2" just fine, but the Static Studies use the thermal loads from 0.2" for all 4 sizes. I would like for the static study to first iterate the thermal study at different thickness's, and then do a static study, then take the calculated FOS into account.


Essentially, I would like the study to behave in this manner:


T=.125" > Thermal Study @ T=.125" > Static Study @ T=.125" > Find Min FOS with T=.125"

T=.15" > Thermal Study @ T=.15" > Static Study @ T=.15" > Find Min FOS with T=.15"

T=.175" > Thermal Study @ T=.175" > Static Study @ T=.175" > Find Min FOS with T=.175"

T=.2" > Thermal Study @ T=.2" > Static Study @ T=.2" > Find Min FOS with T= .2"


The study would then select the minimum weight T value with a FOS greater than 1.5.


How can I set my Design Study to do this?