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Decal advice

Question asked by Lee Henderson on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by Lee Henderson

Hello all, a few small queries I would like help with.


I'm new to decals (in both Solidworks and Visualize) however I'm concentrating on Visualize 2018 at the moment. I'm trying to fit a decal I've created into a recess in a panel. I've allowed a couple of mm tolerance between the recess and the decal size (decal is 2mm smaller all round). I realise I can manipulate the decal with the part selection tool but is there a way of accurately positioning it other than zooming in as close as I possibly can and just "eyeballing it" until it looks right? (which is what I've done in the attached screen grab).


Also I have established from reading on the forum that PNG files are the format of choice for decals. You can see on my attached image that the decal appears to be almost opaque, however the background should be bright white. I have used Adobe Illustrator to create my PNG and have tried various incarnations of PNG, transparent background, white background, anti aliased etc etc however I still get the same outcome? Could anyone suggest a possible solution to this? Or both ideally